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Pelican Investment Company, LLC Are Full-Service Real Estate Investors In Escambia and Santa Rosa County, FL – We Are Investment Property Buyers Providing Real Estate Solutions For Sellers

We buy, fix, and sell FL real estate to improve our communities and help local investors participate in the real estate market right alongside us.

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Pelican Investment Company, LLC Helps Solve Your Real Estate And Investment Problems With Innovative Solutions

We provide honest solutions for FL investment property sellers who need to sell fast and investors looking to grow their real estate investment portfolios for better returns. 

Pelican Investment Company, LLC is one of Escambia and Santa Rosa County‘s top real estate investing groups because we focus on doing things right.  We specialize in buying distressed properties (single-family, bank REOs, sellers who need to sell fast)… and working with property sellers who just can’t sell the traditional route through a real estate agent.

A big passion of ours is helping to be a part of beautifying the communities we work in by helping people get out of tough real estate situations by buying unwanted houses. Then we work with others in the area to repair the house and get new homeowners into each property we work on.

Great Fixer Upper Property Deals in Escambia and Santa Rosa County For Local Investors

We also come across many distressed single-family Escambia and Santa Rosa County, FL properties because of our relationships in the market and secure those properties at substantial discounts. Many people call these properties fixer-uppers or “handyman specials”.   Because of our very effective marketing programs, we’re able to get investment property deals in Escambia and Santa Rosa County that most other investors never even hear about.  We pass those savings along to our investor buyers on our VIP Property Deals list.

If you’re interested in buying Escambia and Santa Rosa County and FL investment properties at steep discounts (both single-family and multi-family)… whether you plan to buy and hold as a rental property or fix the property up and resell it… join our VIP Property Deals list today to get an email when we secure new properties that fit what you’re looking for.

Get Access To Our Property Alerts And Current Discount Handyman Property Deals.

Looking To Participate In The FL Real Estate Market? See How We Can Help You Earn Solid Returns…

We run across a lot of great investment property deals in Escambia and Santa Rosa County. Our Early Alert Property Buyers list gets first access to FL investment properties for sale before we list them on our website.

Also, we work with qualified local investors who want to leverage real estate to help you diversify your portfolio and earn solid returns. From buying Escambia and Santa Rosa County rental properties from us to joint venturing with us on real estate projects to debt investors looking for a consistent return… we have options that you may be interested in.